Crafting Our Candles

To create SARAH ROMAINE’s luxurious perfumed candles that burn evenly and fragrantly for hours, the production process requires unique know-how and craftsmanship.

Made in the UK, our candles use the finest ingredients carefully sourced from around the globe. Every element, from perfume to wax to wick is selected for its superior qualities and planet-friendly properties

Each candle is handcrafted by Sarah herself. It’s an intricate process that we would like to invite you to experience…

Candle-making Expertise – Step-by-Step

1. Vase Preparation:

The white glass vase is thoroughly hand-cleaned and heated, to ensure absolute purity of product and no discolouration.

2. Wax Preparation:

We then prepare our blend of vegetable and highly refined mineral waxes to ensure optimum burn and fragrance longevity.

3.  Pouring:

Our unique combination of exquisite perfumes and essential oils, all devised by Sarah, are then carefully blended with the molten wax and poured by hand into our white vessels.

To ensure an even, elegant burn and outstanding quality, our candles require multiple pouring phases, spread over two days.

4. Curing:

The candles are then left to cure for two to three days.

5, Quality Control:

Vases are meticulously cleaned by hand using a cotton cloth. Each candle is thoroughly checked and the wicks are hand trimmed.

6. Packaging:

Finally, SARAH ROMAINE labels are carefully applied by hand. The candles are then placed into a luxurious gift box complete with branded long matches – all tied with a beautiful ribbon.

Every candle we individually craft goes through this meticulous production process – which is why we can ensure the highest quality and most luxurious experience for all our customers.  

Natural, Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

We pride ourselves in creating the highest quality candles with the most intense, long lasting perfumes. This means that, even unlit, our candles provide a “cold throw” of delightful aromas for your home. Every element has been carefully and painstakingly researched. 

SARAH ROMAINE wax and cotton wicks come from the UK. The refined mineral and vegetable waxes are especially selected for their burning quality, aesthetic appearance and optimum fragrance throw.

The fragrances are also developed in the UK, using ingredients from Grasse, the historical centre of perfumery. Our unique combinations of aromas are inspired from all around the globe – from Sevillian oranges to Asian vetiver, and from Himalayan Cedarwood to English lavender. Each fragrance is an exclusive creation for SARAH ROMAINE HOME.

So, you can rest assured that, with a SARAH ROMAINE candle, both luxury and responsibility live happily hand-in-hand.