My Story

“My story begins in Mauritius whilst on honeymoon. My husband and I were driving along, with the windows down and the sweet smell of sugar cane filling the air. It was so beautiful to smell this intense fragrance in its natural habitat and most pure form. I wanted to box it up and take it home so I could experience this carefree paradise every day. It was here that the vision of having my own fragrance brand began.

I had always loved fragrance and the power it has to evoke nostalgic memories, from playing in the lavender fields as a child and my grandmother’s love of tuberose, to vacations in the Amalfi coast with the most ethereally fragranced Italian lemon trees.

Following my career in fashion publishing, which included working on the UK launch of Grazia magazine, I became a full-time mother to my two children Mia and Rafael. I loved the new purpose motherhood brought me, but my passion for fragrance continued to burn and I felt an instinctive pull to pursue my earlier vision.

My obsession with fine fragrance led me to undergo intense training with some of London’s most distinguished and renowned candle chandlers in order to learn my craft. They helped to uncover my love for fusing unexpected notes to create exquisite aromas, which was hugely exciting. In the production process, I decided to adopt their traditional methods whilst adding my own contemporary twist.

My Moment of Inspiration

One day I stepped into the lobby of this beautiful and iconic London hotel. An incredible fragrance infused the air, so evocative that I asked the concierge what it was. When he said it was a scented candle created by one of the very candle chandlers with whom I had had the pleasure of training with, I knew this was fate. I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction and, it might have been 20 years in the making, but it was at this precise moment that I decided it was time to launch my own home fragrance brand. I hope you love my candles as much as I have loved creating them."